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The best remedy for constipation is prevention with proper diet and physical activity, but of course, you already knew that. The question is how to do it each and every day, to make sure you don’t get constipated again.

Well, I’m going to reveal to you today my secret weapon for constipation. Conventional constipation remedies, such as eating prunes for constipation, drinking prune juice, apple juice, taking flax seeds, using laxatives, stool softeners and other constipation remedies can work, but it’s like a putting a band-aid on a broken leg.

If you really want to get to the root of the problem and find a permanent remedy for chronic constipation problems, you need a more effective weapon.

So here it is.

Are you ready?

You need to start drinking green smoothies.

What Are Green Smoothies?

Green smoothies are simply fruit smoothies with a twist.

They are made by adding leafy greens and green vegetables, which possess some of the best cleansing properties of all foods.

So, to prepare a green smoothie, put some of your favorite fruits into your blender: strawberries, bananas, blueberries, pineapple, or whatever else you have in your kitchen. Fruit needs to be ripe – don’t put in green bananas, they are not tasty in a smoothie.

Then add some greens: spinach, arugula, kale, parsley, collard greens, lettuce or other. Blend everything to very smooth consistency with a cup of water.

Constipation Remedy: Green smoothies for constipation

Constipation Remedy: Green smoothies for constipation; Photo by SweetOnVeg, on Flickr

Don’t be discouraged by the color of the drink!

Green is good for you and I promise – it will be delicious!

Make it your goal to drink at least one quart of green smoothies every day to prevent constipation. For a child, an ambitious goal would be to have him or her drink a pint daily. That translates into about 15 servings of greens and fruits for you and 7.5 servings for your child, according to the FDA.

If you feel this is too much for you initially, start slowly and work your way up toward that goal. You don’t have to drink everything in one sitting, for example have some in the morning, and some more at lunch or afternoon snack.

The combination of ingredients in green smoothies will act as a natural stool softener and natural colon cleansers, and will make your digestion and elimination easy and effortless.  Plus this is a constipation remedy that can be used during pregnancy, and is safe for everyone, including babies, children and adults.

As long as I drink my smoothies, I never get constipated. If I take a break, for example, during a busy holiday schedule, when I eat lots of traditional holiday foods, I immediately start noticing a difference.

Green Smoothie Diet for Constipation Relief

If you feel you need to detoxify your body because you have been constipated for a while, perhaps you need to lose some weight, get rid of acne, get your blood sugar levels back to normal, or overcome other chronic health issues, you can go on a “green smoothie diet” for a couple of days.

This means you will be drinking lots of green smoothies to replace your regular meals.

You can live on green smoothies 100% or just 70-80%. For example, you may choose to eat a normal breakfast, and then drink a quart of green smoothie at lunchtime and then another one at dinner time. Or, drink a smoothie for breakfast; eat normal lunch and another quart of smoothie for dinner. If you choose to eat a normal dinner, make sure you don’t eat too heavy meal before going to bed.

During this detox diet, it’s best to stick to simple dishes, with lots of fiber, so vegetables, whole grains and legumes will work best. You can also have some animal protein if you’d like, but make the portion small, and couple it with a side of salad or vegetable dish.

Always strive to have your meals and snacks 60-80% raw, and start with the raw food. This may seem like a daunting goal initially, but it’s very achievable once you have the right mindset and determination.


Drink green smoothies for health, Pre-Green-Smoothie by Nikki L., on Flickr

Why Green Smoothies for Constipation Relief?

Green smoothies are loaded with nutrients. They are also full of fiber.

Fiber is not a nutrient in the sense that it’s not absorbed by the body. It’s just scratchy bulk that drags through your entire intestinal tract acting like a broom, sweeping out all the garbage that accumulates there.

Without fiber, the garbage accumulates until your arteries get clogged and blood can’t get through. This leads to pain, sickness, and weight gain. Your internal organs, including kidneys and liver, cannot function properly, aggravating the problem even further.

Green smoothies act like a broom, cleaning up your many, many feet of intestinal tract, and helping elimination of all the unnecessary stuff and garbage from your body.

Eating foods high in natural fiber are one of the best ways that you can ease the discomfort of constipation and overly hard, dry feces. The other essential part of effective constipation treatment, is water. Water helps moisturize and soften your waste. Water is by far the healthiest and most effective way to not only soften your stool and hydrate your body but also to cleanse you of waste and toxicity, and green smoothies contain plenty of water.

If you drink green smoothies every day, your elimination will become effortless, almost odorless and quick – you will not be able to catch up on your reading while sitting on the toilet, because you’ll be done by the end of the first paragraph.

Best Constipation Remedy: Healthy Diet and Exercise

Best Constipation Remedy: Healthy Diet and Exercise

As you can see relieving constipation is not complicated. So get started right as soon as possible with these easy simple steps.

Over-the-Counter Laxatives Versus Green Smoothies

When you feel bloated, your abdomen hurts and you haven’t had a bowel movement in two days, the easiest thing to do is to take a laxative. However, a pharmaceutical constipation remedy has several major disadvantages:

  • the medication may not be well tolerated by the body;
  • frequent use of laxatives weakens the bowel muscles which leads to more constipation;
  • it’s expensive;
  • patients with hemorrhoids should not use suppositories due to the risk of anal injuries;
  • laxatives cannot be used by babies and pregnant women.

When you are drinking green smoothies daily, you will not have to worry about any of these.

Questions? Comments? Suggestions?

We welcome your input! Please use the the comment section below to write your comments and questions on best constipation remedies, as well as share your tips and experience on how to relieve constipation quickly and effectively.


Disclaimer: If you are having severe abdominal pain, have been constipated for a prolonged period of time or suffer from irregular or painful bowel movements, you should consult your doctor or other medical professional as they are best suited to diagnose your ailment. These types of symptoms can be a sign of a more serious medical condition and the sooner you seek help the more likely you will be to recover.

Constipation Relief and Colon Cleanse

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